At Centire, we devote a lot of time and energy to independently implemented projects. They are our playing field for innovation, transfer of know-how and testing new ideas. Several successful recipes for business development or service improvement have emerged as a “by-products” of such initiatives. The experience gained ultimately benefits our consulting service customers – companies, regions, public sector organizations.


Grantexpert.sk is a website providing information and services associated with grants and funding opportunities for entrepreneurs, local governments, schools and other potential applicants.

Dual education

As part of a project focused on dual education, we helped to involve new employers in the system. We connected primary school students with secondary schools and employers, and built a Talent Center focused on student career development.


The OpenMaker project promoted and developed the idea of open innovation. New products and services do not have to be created only in the closed environment of one company. They can be the result of creative collaboration and information sharing between several partners, often from different fields.

Social Impact Vouchers – Slovakia

The aim of the Social Impact Vouchers project is to pilot test the establishment and operation of a fund that will finance a voucher program and employment of people from disadvantaged groups in eight Central European countries.

Innovative education in the field of culture and business

We have been active in supporting cultural and creative industries for some time. It is important to us that cultural actors can work and create freely in an environment that will support the activities of creators and institutions.


The project deals with optimizing and improving processes and systems in the field of regional policy. The ultimate goal is to enhance quality, implementation and evaluation of creating development strategies at the local and regional levels.

Business Roentgen

The output of the project should be a website and software that provides advice and guidelines in an automated manner, and which have the character of advisory services. The target group of services should be mainly small and medium-sized enterprises.

European Digital Innovation Hub Bratislava

The European Digital Innovation Hub Bratislava (“EDIH BA”) is a consortium of six entities that will jointly provide services in the field of digital transformation and digital innovation for SMEs and public entities in the creative and cultural industries.