Regional development

Centire is a leading company in the field of consulting and technical assistance for sustainable economic and social development. Using proven methodologies and tools, we provide quality services with tangible results.

Creation of support programs

We assist ministries and government agencies in creating EU-funded programs as well as transform the EU’s political objectives into programs and financial instruments at the international and national level. We also create the intervention logic of programs and design effective implementation mechanisms.

Audit of programs and projects

We are a long-term partner of managing authorities in auditing projects financed by selected international and transnational cooperation programs. We provide the functionality check of systems and processes, but also verify the correctness of project implementations and propose recommendations for improving system functionality.

Development strategies

We support the creation of programs for economic and social development of local government and municipalities. We help create local partnerships, lead discussions of expert groups, formulate strategic goals and propose appropriate indicators to measure their achievement.

Grant writing and implementation of projects

We write project applications and implement projects funded from various sources. Because of our wide range of experience, we are able to help our clients with projects in the field of infrastructure development, energy efficiency, reconstruction of cultural monuments or process and product innovation. First step is usually identification of the most suitable grant resources. Afterwards we prepare the entire project and help clients with the daily agenda related to project implementation.

Capacity building and development

We provide tailor-made trainings and workshops in the field of strategic planning or project management. In cooperation with the client, we will design the optimal content and the method of training or presentation.

Digital innovation in regional development

We enjoy discovering the hidden potential of IT technologies in the support of regional development. GIS technology helps us create maps and analyze data. We use ETL and BI tools in acquiring processing data relevant to the creation and implementation of strategies. The website Grantexpert.sk is a great space for testing various artificial intelligence (AI) technologies or computer processing of natural language (NLP).

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Tamás Szőke

Tamás Szőke

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Maroš Janovič

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