Solutions for the public sector

We help state and regional institutions improve the services provided and implement demanding projects. Our main topics are connecting universities and the labor market, dual education, cultural and creative industries, and optimizing state administration processes. With regional administration we focused on management processes, improving public services and grant management.

Partnership principle

We believe that the most effective project results can be achieved if the best experts from both the public and private sectors come together during its development. We also do not avoid projects in which we pass on our own consulting know-how to public sector experts.


We have specific expertise in the field of process optimization and improving public administration services, and we offer it in thematically relevant public tenders. We have completed dozens of successful consulting projects for state organizations, local and regional governments.

Effective project management

We have experience and professional competence for managing large public projects. We put our best effort and capacity to find the best possible solutions to the real problems that projects caused and make the administrative component of projects as efficient as possible.

Creativity and innovation

We always try to come up with solutions that go beyond the client’s original expectations. And we can also implement these solutions flexibly and quickly. We want our work to bring a real and visible difference to the people of Slovakia.

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Renáta Kiselicová

Renáta Kiselicová

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