We help businesses and organizations succeed and move forward. We advise them on cost optimization and efficient setup of processes and services. We are their partner in managing innovation, digital transformation and creating quality long-term strategies. Thanks to international projects, we bring innovative topics to Slovakia that help change our society.

Our services

Process and costs optimization

We help you to reduce costs, streamline processes and set up an effective management structure.

Business innovation

We discover opportunities for developing your business, select the most viable ones and help you bring them to life.

Data in business decisions

We increase the quality of managerial and business decisions through better data collection, processing and evaluation.

Solutions for the public sector

We help state administration and self-government organizations to improve the services provided and implement demanding projects.

Social innovation

In cooperation with renowned European universities, research institutions, think-thanks and non-governmental organizations, we bring innovative topics to Slovakia that help change society.

Regional development

We are a partner of local and regional self-government in creating, implementing and evaluating development strategies and in implementing projects fulfilling their strategic goals.