Business innovation

Are you under pressure from unsatisfactory business numbers, surprising competitor moves or changing customer behaviour? Do you feel that your business model is on the decline? Or do you just not want to wait for bad news and are seeking to explore new business opportunities?

Exploring new business opportunities

With a combination of strategic workshops, surveys, analyses and experiments we uncover opportunities for your business. Subsequently we help you to choose the most viable options. Usually these opportunities relate to:

  • Innovation of products, services and experience for existing customers
  • Adapting products and services for new customer segments
  • Business model innovation
  • Making use of existing capabilities, partnerships, experience and know-how for new business

We will help you to set priorities and make important decisions.

Helping to implement ideas and changes

There is always a lot of work behind every idea: Products, services and customer experience improvement, mobilisation of resources, production and process changes. We offer you our expertise in the fields of:

  • Prototyping and testing new ideas
  • Customer feedback collection
  • Change management
  • Putting your organization in motion; employee engagement
  • Process change and optimization
  • Business planning
  • Finance management and projections

Product and service innovation

Based on surveys, qualitative interviews and observing your customers’ behaviour we can help you identify their unmet needs. We suggest products and services to fill the gap. We test innovations in real-life, improve them and choose the most viable, feasible and desirable ones.

Rebuilding sales

We advise our clients what and how to change in sales – on the level of personnel, processes and technologies. We can evaluate the profitability of your customers, segments & channels. We can help you establish a more pro-sales culture inside your company.

Coaching new businesses

We continuously coach and give advice to budding entrepreneurs (pro bono or for a symbolic fee). We are happy to see them grow and succeed.

Competitive strategy

We analyse your data, market, industries, rivals and customers. Our consultants ask what lessons can be learned from others, inside or outside your industry. We look for attractive market and customer segments, channels & market offers. We relentlessly seek ways to distinguish you from the crowd and find your unbeatable competitive advantage.

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Juraj Ďurina

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