Innovative education in the field of culture and business

We have been active in supporting cultural and creative industries for some time. It is important to us that cultural actors can work and create freely in an environment that will support the activities of creators and institutions.

About project

Innovative education for cultural and business development institutions was a project aimed at increasing the skills of managers in cultural institutions and business support centers. We helped formulate institutions’ strategies with the involvement of all employees, using the logical framework matrix (or simply logframe) in project planning, or showed them how to start with the incubation program. Representatives from the cultural community learned from the best experts how to think about future needs and how to manage their institutions proactively. During the project, we trained more than 50 people from various fields of culture and more than 20 participants who are already working in the field of business consultancy. We wanted to contribute to the effective functioning of the institutions. Through targeted training, managers are ready to strategically manage the organization, set up processes, products, or marketing, or use indicators in management. Selected topics from the project management prepared institutions to operate on a multi-resource principle. We know how to help institutions manage the organization more effectively, even in a complicated environment of the cultural sector or the creative industry.