Business Roentgen

Base data

Name and address of the recipient: Centire s.r.o., Záhradnícka 72, 821 08 Bratislava
Project name: Business Roentgen
Project location: Chmeľová dolina 27, 949 01 Nitra
Amount of grant provided: € 707,662.77

Project description

The aim of the project is the innovation of business consulting services throughout solving research and development tasks. The main subject of the research and innovation part of the project is the identification of availability and usability of open data. Other goals are development of algorithms for their processing, interpretation and visualization. The output of the project should be a website and software that provides advice and guidelines in an automated manner, and which have the character of advisory services. The target group of services should be mainly small and medium-sized enterprises.

Informations about Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure 2014 – 2020 are available on www.opii.gov.sk