Data in business decisions

We improve the quality of management and business decisions by better data collection, processing and visualisation.

Better data for good decisions

Every decision in business and management includes some level of risk. The more a decision is supported by data and knowledge, the higher the decision security is. This is true on a strategic as well as on an operation level and in automated solutions.

What data we have in mind

Financial indicators, information about projects, orders and contracts, about customers and sales, about competition, suppliers, market. Often these data already exist and need to be uncovered, but sometimes there is a task ahead to set-up data collecting methods.

The right choice of indicators

We check whether the data collected are the right ones. Companies often track dozens of indicators, while none of them are relevant for the decisions to be made. Thus, at first we focus on identifying right indicators and measures, and how to evaluate them correctly.

Context is everything

How accurate should data be? Sometimes it’s possible to find a cheap and easy measure that is not super-accurate, but simply good enough to use in decision-making. The costs of gathering information have to be in direct connection to the potential costs of good / bad decisions.

Information gathering

Hand in hand with selecting indicators and measures go technical solutions of data collection. Today´s technologies offer a lot of solutions, from trivial to very sophisticated. We always urge our clients to bear in mind the purpose as well as user friendliness.

Processing and visualisation

Nowadays data visualisations play a big role in data management chains. We have very good experience with MS Power BI, which we gladly pass on to our clients.

“Open strategies” project

Our consultants and analysts stood as partners at the beginning of the project Open strategies (OtvorenéStratégie.sk), with an ambition to create an expert digital platform for regional development. An important part of the project is creating a central online library of all strategic documents from Slovak municipalities, digitizing selected parts of strategic documents, data-mining and analysing their content.

“Business Roentgen” project

Our experts are leading the project of business consulting services innovation throughout solving research and development tasks. The main subject of the research and innovation part of the project is identifying the availability and usability of open data. Other goals are developing algorithms for processing, interpreting and visualizing these data. The project output should be a website and software that provides advice and guidelines in an automated manner, which have the character of advisory services.

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