Grantexpert.sk is a website providing information and services associated with grants and funding opportunities for entrepreneurs, local governments, schools and other potential applicants. Website will guide you on how to find the right source for your project ideas. The EU (and other) calls database is available for all users. Every user also receives notification about new open calls. Registered users can purchase services such as individual consultation or project application writing.

About project

The website is our answer to current trends in digitization in various areas of social and economic life. GrantExpert.sk was founded in October 2013. It is a corporate spin-off of Centire, which has become an independent business through the innovation of “off-line” grant consulting of the parent company. The goal of GrantExpert is to take the existing business ideas of the parent company, transform them and help them grow in the digital market by applying the principles of shared economy and the trend of “uberization”. Our vision is to be a benchmark of quality, innovation and transparency in the field of grant consulting and to be the largest online platform for project creation.

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