Social innovation

Thanks to international projects, we bring innovative topics to Slovakia that help change our society. We cooperate with renowned European universities, research institutions, think-tanks and non-governmental organizations

Networking / building partnerships

Local, national and international projects have brought us a whole range of contacts and interesting partnerships. Our partners include prestigious universities, think tanks, non-profit organizations and renowned private companies. We can connect and contact you with reliable partners from all over Europe.

Presentating new topics

We are looking for inspirations that help. We are happy to share interesting facts about topics that bring improvements to system or organizational function. We mediate, try new approaches and do not hesitate to share them in various forums.

Analysing needs and current status

We can break the whole into individual parts. We analyze cross-sectional topics, industries & entities. We use data that already exists, and if we do not, we can collect it reliably. We help to find common intersections of different areas and show possible new perspectives on how to work.

Strategies and action plans

We support clients in creating strategies that help and direct the company to the set goal. We explain when to make a strategy, with whom to set what and how the client should achieve, we facilitate joint meetings and help draw unexpected conclusions. We transfer these to a reliable strategy document.

Consulting in preparing and implementing international projects

We have implemented several successful international projects and therefore we know what situations arise during projects with international activities. We will provide advice and experience in building partnerships, conflict prevention, managing inexperienced project partners and also how to successfully deal with project administration.

We teach you how to implement projects

We know how to best prepare and draw on the budget, modify the project or communicate within the partnership. Trainings, certificates, internships, but above all experience from implementing our own projects have brought us knowledge and experience, which we are happy to share. Whether in person or online, we will teach you how to implement your projects most effectively.

New tools for innovation

We do not do projects just for the sake of doing projects. We always strive for their sustainability, the transfer of new topics and the emergence of innovations. Each of our projects brings new tools with which we support innovations in Slovakia. We innovate in business, education as well as science and research.

We improve school systems

The development of society and the economy is directly dependent on the quality of education – from primary schools to universities. We follow world trends, cooperate with prestigious foreign schools and implement projects aimed at improving Slovak education. From dual system to innovating the most promising university study fields – improving Slovak education is our priority.

Start-up Europe Ambassador

Since 2018, our company has been the only ambassador of the Start-up Europe initiative in Slovakia. We advise on start-ups, where to look for support for your ideas, and we connect Slovak start-ups with partners from all over Europe.

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Ľubomír Billý

Ľubomír Billý

consultant, team leader, social innovation

Viera Holešová

Viera Holešová

consultant, social innovation