Process and costs optimization

Wondering how to get your business into better financial shape? Are you a new CEO keen to take the reins of your company? Merging several companies into one and need to align procedures?

Expertise and results

Our credibility is based on long years of experience in process optimization projects in organizations of all types and sizes. Our tightly aligned expert team brings consulting, managerial and entrepreneurial experience to provide a critical advantage.

Looking for savings in processes and structures

Within our process optimization projects, we identify sources of waste and point to barriers hampering fluent work. We check how each process, information, structure, or position adds value. We analyse information flow and information systems. We cut bureaucracy and lower production costs. We count the price of waste, downtimes, barriers, and restraints. We identify and highlight resources and capabilities which can be used more effectively. We count the real contribution of remedies we propose. We fix details that count.

Tuning up specific operational areas

If customer (with or without our help) identifies a specific area to fix, like human resources or customer processes, we are here to help with our area-specific consultants. We run a lot of discussions regarding problems and possible solutions, check them in real-life, gain support among employees and remove issues step-by-step.

Personnel audits

We run productivity and competence assessment projects focused on individual and team performance and potential.

Cost optimization

We propose and help implement cost reduction remedies. We can benchmark specified cost types and analyse related processes in order to reduce costs.

Product profitability

We calculate the profitability of products and distribution channels, as well as the information needed for fact-based business and management decisions.

Organizational structure effectiveness

We check boundaries, competences and friction points between different management levels, departments and teams within organizations. We analyse whether organizational and management structure supports value creation for customers. We bring suggestions for improving competence boundaries, responsibilities and cooperation.

Change management

We help to set-up changes to be smooth and accepted by employees and stakeholders. We help communicate changes within organizations, design and update internal norms & procedures, and run employee education.

Preliminary calculation of possible savings

In order to assess potential benefits of optimization projects we offer the option to create preliminary savings estimates based on our experience from similar projects.

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